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ADP RUN Enhanced Checks

ADP RUN Enhanced Checks

These ADP RUN Enhanced Checks are fully compatible with RUN Powered by ADP Software, and come with multiple security features to help prevent fraudulent duplication of your checks.
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Prices include your company imprint, bank information and your choice of 1 or 2 signature lines (with or without signature line titles), MICR encoding and consecutive numbering in 2 positions in black ink as shown.

10 available color options for you to choose from.

Printed on 24 lb. Tamper-Resistant Check-Protect Paper.


Check Color Reflex Blue
Check Color Green
Check Color Red
Check Color Brown
Paper Stock 24 lb. Tamper-Resistant Check-Protect Paper
Product Type Preprinted in black only, unless specifically requested (additional charges will apply).
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Security Features

At FormCenter, we are very concerned about check fraud.

Why? The proliferation of desktop scanners, color copiers and laser printers has made check counterfeiting
easier than ever. Fraudulent checks cost American companies millions of dollars a year in stolen funds.

To help prevent fraudulent duplication of your checks, we have added a number of security features to the
front and back of your checks which are illustrated below. These security features include:

On the front:

1.  Warning Band - Indicates that the face of your check has a colored background and an artificial watermark on the back.

2. “Intricate” Borders - Each border contains the hidden words “ORIGINAL DOCUMENT.”

3. “Void” Pantograph - The word “VOID” will appear in the background of a photocopy of your check.

4. Microprinting - The bottom border of the check is made up of the words “ORIGINAL DOCUMENT,” which can only be read with a magnifying glass, and which run across the entire bottom of the check.

security features on front

NOTE: All checks are printed on chemically-reactive tamper-resistant check paper.

On the back:

1. Artificial Watermark - A crisscross pattern reading “PROTECTED DOCUMENT” (not shown).

2. Thermochromic Printing - The red “Padlock” logo on the back of the check is printed with a heat- sensitive ink that reacts to your body’s warmth. The logo fades when it is warmed by your finger or breath and reappears when the check returns to room temperature.

3. Micro Printing - The line below the words “DO NOT WRITE/SIGN/STAMP BELOW THIS LINE” is made up of the word “FORMCENTER,” which can only be read with a magnifying glass.

Security Features on back